Nicholas Ashfield
Some practitioners have explained that Radionics devices work by broadcasting energy patterns or coded messages through a network of ley
lines or magnetic lines that run across the planet's surface. However, it is more likely that a multidimentsional "cosmic lattice" exists, which
surrounds us and the Earth and reaches out into the universe. This lattice enables instantaneous electromagnetic communication to any point in
the universe. As it's performed, the radionic treatment is simultaneously transferred to the client represented by the witness. Rather than a
healing energy, the coded message of Radionics is a rebalancing of the electromagnetic field corresponding to the body, field of its correct and
balanced setting.

The body and its cells must then integrate the healing. The encoded messages arrive in the body's lattice and are placed exactly in alignment with
the intent of the treatment. The messages are then taken up by the client, or not. In other words, for healing to occur, the client's intent is also part
of the healing.
as defined by the Radionics Institute

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